COVID testing

COVID testing

If you need a PCR certificate for your return journey from Seville, the official IASP Seville COVID test centre is the Quirión Prevención clinic, 1km (15 minute walk) from the hotel Barceló conference venue. Delegates can attend at any time during clinic opening hours, with no need for an appointment. They can issue PCR certificates for international travel.

Quirón Prevención
Av. Marie Curie, s/n, Edif.BA, 008, 41092 Sevilla

Tel: +34 954 00 24 71

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 – 13:00h
No appointment necessary. Credit card payments only, no cash

If your travel arrangements mean you need to take your test later than Friday, you will need to book an appointment at the clinic below. On site staff can help you make an appointment.

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IASP coordinates an active network of managers of areas of innovation, science parks, research parks, innovation districts, knowledge cities and the like.

We enhance new business opportunities for members and their companies, increase their visibility and multiply their global connections. We also represent parks and areas of innovation at international forums and institutions, and assist the development of new STPs and AOIs.

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Cartuja Science and Technology Park

The Cartuja Science and Technology Park is the first international example of re-use of premises inherited from a universal exhibition (Expo’92) in a space that links up the University, Science and Enterprise.

 Its success is reflected in its motto: innovate, collaborate, grow.

The Cartuja STP is a public policy instrument which seeks to enhance local economic development and technological modernisation. It encourages private investment in R&D&I by offering itself as an innovative space, where cooperation is the basis for growth. It integrates scientific, technical and social capacities that facilitate the creation, transmission, dissemination, measurement and management of knowledge and its application in productive activities.

 Human capital is the main asset of its companies and research centres.

 The Cartuja STP also has an added advantage: Its privileged setting. It is an urban park, just a few minutes’ walk from the historic centre of Seville, and less than 20 minutes from both the airport and the high-speed railway network train station.

 What really constitutes the heart of the Cartuja STP are its scientific and technological companies and establishments. In addition to these are the areas dedicated to culture, leisure and sport. Together they constitute a cluster of excellence.

 The Park is a true business, scientific and technological engine that is in continuous development. As a result, the cluster houses 536 companies and establishments that generate direct employment for 23,701 workers and an economic activity of 2.987 billion euros (data for the financial year 2020) ​. See Report 2020