Innovation in Andalucia

A region for innovation

IASP Seville isn’t just about the scientific programme and global networking; it also gives delegates the opportunity to discover the innovation ecosystem in Seville, in the Andalucia region, and beyond, and to build connections with local companies, science parks and areas of innovation.

Our local host
Cartuja Science and Technology Park

The IASP Seville conference venue, the Barceló Renacimiento Sevilla hotel, is right on the doorstep of Cartuja Science and Technology Park. 

The first international example of re-use of premises inherited from a universal exhibition (Expo ’92), Cartuja STP is an urban space that links the university, science and business. Its success is reflected in its motto: innovate, collaborate, grow, and there will be tech tours for delegates at IASP Seville to explore the park in detail. 

The regional innovation ecosystem

The region of Andalucia has a vibrant innovation ecosystem and is home to several nearby IASP members which you might be interested in visiting as part of your trip. 

Fundación PTS Granada

Fundación PTS Granada is a park specialising in healthcare with four main axes of teaching, healthcare, business development and research on the same site, making it an ideal space for the transfer of knowledge between companies, researchers and hospitals. Alongside healthcare centres and the regional hospital, it is home to many companies focused on life sciences and healthcare who benefit from access to research institutes and new talent from the University of Granada.


GEOLIT, the Science and Technology Park of Jaén, specialises in the agrifood and agroindustrial sectors, especially in activities related to the cultivation and production of olive oil, from agronomy and use of crop by-products to the improvement of pressing and extraction techniques and use in cosmetics. The park is at the heart of an ‘Oleocluster’, bringing together companies and research institutions focusing on olive production and the development of by-products.

Málaga TechPark

The park offers natural surroundings to almost 650 large multinationals, university institutions, SMEs and innovative startups employing close to 20,000 people. Its main sectors are ICT (representing 60% of jobs), as well as engineering, consultancy & advisory services, industry, medicine & health, and energy & environment. As well as being home to IASP Headquarters, Málaga TechPark has an international focus, organising trade missions, international B2B meetings and soft-landing services to help foreign companies expand to Spain.

It collaborates closely with the University of Málaga, also an IASP member, with an on-campus expansion housing companies and entrepreneurs coming from the university and national and international research groups

PITA Almeria

PITA Almeria specialises in the latest developments in agrifood, agriculture, environment and biotech. It collaborates closely with the University of Almeria, a founding partner, where it maintains a second site for its scientific headquarters, home to research centres into solar energy and arid climates as well as a regional institute for research and training in agriculture and fisheries. Sustainability is the guiding principle of PITA Almeria, with buildings that work in harmony with the local terrain, the use of native plant species, and low-density construction, with half of the site reserved for green spaces watered with recycled rainwater.

Other IASP members nearby

Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Extremadura (Extremadura región, Spain)

Based on two sites, in Badajoz and Cacares, the park is home to an energy research centre focused on the wide range of renewable energies, including biomass, biodiesel, photovoltaic solar, wind energy, software, ICTs and support systems to these types of energy.

Madan Parque (Lisbon, Portugal)

Madan Parque provides incubation, coaching, seed capital, and internationalisation support services to new and growing tech-based companies. Operating as a platform for interaction, co-operation and innovation between academia and business, the park is located in close proximity to the University of Lisbon’s Faculty of Science and Technology.

LISPOLIS (Lisbon, Portugal)

With a focus on environment, ICT & Communications, and services for business and industry, LISPOLIS offers value added services including coworking, virtual incubation, and brand registration services, support to establish strategic partnerships and finding investment solutions through Business Angels and venture capital, and financing solutions such as banking, P2020 and H2020. It is also an Ignition Partner of Portugal Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests in seed rounds of Portuguese startups in tech, life sciences and tourism.

Technopark Morocco (Casablanca, Rabat and Tangiers, Morocco)

Committed to a strategy of regional duplication of its model, the public-private Technopark opened first in Casablanca in 2001, then in Rabat in 2012 and in Tangiers in 2015, and plans a future opening in Agadir. Technopark Morocco’s mission is to assist in the creation and development of companies in the ICT, green tech and cultural industries, and is responsible for more than 10% of the national ICT turnover.

For a full list of IASP members, visit our Members Directory on the IASP website. 

For other areas of innovation and science parks in Spain that you might like to visit, browse the directory of APTE, the Spanish association of science and technology parks.

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