Opportunity meetings

Many of our members and delegates at previous IASP World Conferences have told us that they’d like to be able to schedule meetings with other science park managers and companies when they come to our events, and this year we are pleased to bring you Opportunity Meetings where you can do just that!

Registered delegates will be able to plan meetings in advance and arrange to sit down with the organisations they are interested in, rather than just relying on serendipitous encounters in coffee breaks and at dinners. (Although there will be plenty of opportunities for those too!)

Using a platform provided by the Spanish Association of Technology Parks (APTE), STP/AOI managers have two days of Opportunity Meetings available:

28th September: get to know the most innovative local companies too!

As well as connecting with your STP/AOI peers, on this first day you can also meet the brightest and the best of the local ecosystem, as we are joined by startups and SMEs who are keen to internationalise and meet global STP and AOI managers.

Join us there to meet peers, or the next innovative company to make it big!

29th September: connect with your STP/AOI peers

You can schedule and accept meetings with colleagues in STPs and AOIs around the world, to explore collaboration opportunities, soft-landing initiatives, partnerships, share knowledge and experiences, etc. Join us there to get to know your global peers!

To spread your meetings over the two days, feel free to sign up for both; you’ll be offered the option to do this when you register for IASP Seville.

Sign-ups close on 7th September and unfortunately it won’t be possible to accommodate latecomers so please make sure not to miss the deadline!

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