8:15h Conference Registration Conference Registration
9:00 IASP Pre-conference Seminar
11:15 – 11:45 Coffee break
14:00 IASP Pre-conference Seminar
13:15 – 14:30 Lunch
14:30-17:00 IASP Pre-conference Seminar
18:00 Technical tour (Alternatives: 26th Sep 18:30 or 27th Sep 10:00)
19:30 New2IASP reception (by invitation only)
20:00 Welcome Reception
9:00 Opening Ceremony and Keynote Address
Opening formalities
Opening Keynote Sergio Oslé. Telefónica (Spain)
IASP Highlights Ebba Lund. IASP
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Plenary session 1 – Leading the way to sustainability: STPs & AOIs at the cutting edge
Mod: Adam Fields
Ingelou Stol (The Netherlands) Becoming the most sustainable campus in Europe (High Tech Campus Eindhoven)
Ty J. Shattuck (Canada) When infrastructure and innovation collide – the role of innovation ecosystems in building sustainable designs
David Marsh (USA) Seeds and Stars – Building Infrastructure for Sustainability with the World’s First In-Space Science Park
12:00 Plenary session 2 – Innovation for a greener future: external perspectives
Panel discussion between Isaac Perez Fafian, Airbus (Spain), Paola Simonian, Oracle (Spain), and Gonzalo Delacámara, IE Centre of Water & Climate Adaptation (Spain)
12:45 Lunch
14:00 Plenary session 3 – Towards carbon zero: tools and strategies for innovation ecosystems
Mod: Adam Fields
Rafael Sánchez (Spain) Future Cities: Your life in #eCitySevilla in 2025
Mariella Massaro (Finland) Patent and trademark database analyses as guides for the efficient deployment of resources for green technology development
Hanna Paradis (Sweden) Forming a climate-leading process industry in Sweden – bringing organizations together in co-creation
Alfonso Vegara (Spain) Supercities: Cities as innovation ecosystems
15:00 Sustainability initiatives and network opportunities
15:30 Coffee break & Opportunity meetings Opportunity Meetings
16:15 Focus talk Focus talk Focus talk
Mod: Maria Oscott Mod: Salvatore Majorana (Italy) Mod: Olivier Zephir (Luxembourg)
Gregorio Serrano Mikel Landabaso (JRC) ‘Partnerships for Regional Innovation’. Josep Piqué
16:30-17:30 Break out 1: Driving sustainable mobility: new solutions for a greener society Break out 2: Green and digital change through collaboration: STPs and AOIs as connectors Break out 3: Digital strategies and solutions for STPs and AOIs
Mod: Maria Oscott Mod: Salvatore Majorana (Italy) Mod: Olivier Zephir (Luxembourg)
Fabio Morea (Italy) Lena Miranda (Sweden) Okan Yamak (Turkey)
Justyna Adamska (Poland) Yvonne Flores (Spain) Ragmar Saksing (Estonia)
Gregorio Magno Toral Jiménez (Spain) Monika Machowska (Poland) Sima Valizadeh (Sweden)
András Háry (Hungary) Rodrigo Bolliger (Brazil) Tzameret Rubin (UK)
20:00 Informal dinner – VENUE: Pabellón de la Navegación
9:30 Focus talk Focus talk Focus talk

Opportunity Meetings

Mod: Cristina Andrés (Spain) Mod: Claudio Marinho (Brazil) Mod: Jernej Pintar (Slovenia)
Paolo Canfora (JRC) ‘Circular Economy: closing the loop towards sustainability’ Luis Sanz (IASP) What’s in a name: the taxonomy of innovation support projects Dr. Ralf Nöcker and Markus Drews (ESPG) – Committing to a sustainable future – how science parks will help Europe fulfil its green goals
9:45 Break out 4: Green infrastructure and interdependence: global sustainability approaches Break out 5: Developing innovation districts and knowledge environments Break out 6: STPs, AOIs and companies: best practices for a green and digital transition
Mod: Cristina Andrés (Spain) Mod: Claudio Marinho (Brazil) Mod: Jernej Pintar(Slovenia)
Ken Marcus (USA) Mary Spaeth (USA) Bengi Atun and Atilla Dikbas (Turkey)
Serhat Dalkılıç (Turkey) Roy Pype (The Netherlands) Mozhgan Yazdianpour (Iran)
Paul Jansen (The Netherlands) Carina Rapetti (Spain) Björn Westling (Sweden)
Bilal Topcu (Turkey) Peter Baird (UK) Carol Lau (China)
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 Focus talk Fireside Chat Focus talk

Opportunity Meetings

Mod: Vincent Mauroit (Italy) Mod: Eduardo Braun (Argentina) Mod: Carol Stewart (Canada)
Juan-Carlos Ciscar (JRC) ‘Climate risks challenges and innovation opportunities’ Jeffrey Manber Voyager Space (USA) will be in conversation with Eduardo P. Braun as he explores cross-discipline opportunities for the emerging space ecosystem Luna Moreno (Spain), ‘Science and Technology Parks as innovation engines for Smart Cities: the case of Ingelectus, STP Cartuja and eCitySevilla’
11:45 Break out 7: Energy transition and solutions led by science parks and areas of innovation Break out 8: Innovation ecosystems and a multilayered approach to green and digital transformation Break out 9: Driving smart city development
Mod: Vincent Mauroit (Italy) Mod: Eduardo Braun (Argentina) Mod: Carol Stewart (Canada)
Leila Belmerhnia (France) Sara Json Lindmark (Sweden) Mariana Gomes (Brazil)
Daniela Eckert (Brazil) (Brazil) Sandra Delina Marin Ruiz (USA) Yaruq Nadeem (Pakistan)
Oliver Ingwall King (Sweden) Milan Randjelovic (Serbia) Shigekata Mizuno (Japan)
Pilar Gascon (Spain) Nawaf Algain (Saudi Arabia) Narucha Tanaiutchawoot (Thailand)
12:45 Lunch
14:00 Plenary session 4 – Future proof jobs and skills training for the digital transition
Gavin Poole & Emma Frost (UK) Accelerating future skills within an innovation ecosystem and across a city
Pierre Lucena Raboni (Brazil) Technological professional residence: the legacy of the human capital formation model of the Porto Digital
Anna Broeders (Sweden) Lifelong learning for future skills
Alicia Tien (Singapore) The role of innovation ecosystems in China and ASEAN in fostering a sustainable digital workforce
15:00 Coffee break & Opportunity meetings

15:30 – 18:00

IASP General Assembly (IASP members only)


Gala Dinner, New IASP Members Welcome Ceremony and Inspiring Solutions Awards


Plenary session 5 – Startups and scaleups supporting green and digital transformation
Rawad Chammas (Germany) Supporting the green and digital transformation through individualized startup-grownup pilots
– 4 years of A² Accelerator
Billy Bokako
(South Africa)
Green and Digital Startups and Scale ups in South Africa
Carmen Adán
Supporting digital deep-tech startups by ScaleUp Champions PanEuropean Accelerator
Sasan Shaba

Startups and scaleups supporting green and digital transformation


Coffee Break
11:00 Plenary session 6 – Building digital capacity: STPs and AOIs supporting digitalisation
Anu Puusaag
Generating AI focused products and services – next step of digitalisation
John Tanui
Building digital capacity: Konza Technopolis’ role in supporting digitalisation
André Domin
AI Labs for supporting Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Baden-Württemberg
Maria José Herrero Villa
How to create healthy homes: digitalisation to identify and reduce energy poverty in Getafe City. An example of collaboration between the Getafe Municipality and the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid innovation ecosystem.


IASP Seville takeaways (IASP Presidents’ panel)

Lena Miranda

Paul Krutko
Josep Piqué


Closing keynote


Closing Ceremony


Farewell lunch