Social Events

Welcome reception
Barceló Renacimiento
27th September 2022

It’s not just the scientific programme that makes an IASP conference: social events are equally important to give international delegates the chance to connect and explore the local innovation ecosystem! Catch up with friends from around the world and make new contacts over drinks and tapas at the Welcome Reception, which takes place in the lush gardens of the Hotel Barceló Renacimiento, our conference venue.

Informal Dinner
Pabellón de la navegación
28th September 2022

Camino de los Descubrimientos, 2, 41092 Sevilla, Spain

Seville is a city with a global history: the first expedition to successfully circumnavigate of the world set sail from Seville in 1519, and delegates at IASP Seville will get the chance to learn more about this epic voyage with an exclusive dinner at the Navigation Pavilion. Built for the World Expo ’92, this riverside museum tells the story of Seville’s history of maritime navigation and explorers Ferdinand Magellan and Sebastian Elcano on the 500th anniversary of their return to Seville in 1522.

The museum is a unique space for socialising: it greets visitors with a sea of lights on stems of varying lengths that slowly fade on and off, giving the impression of rolling waves. A large, open space with a high ceiling, is has curved rib-like wooden beams, adding to the ship-like effect. Join us there for an informal networking dinner in a truly global atmosphere to connect with your colleagues from around the world!

Venue: Pabellón de la navegación
Date/time: Wednesday 28th September from 20:00
Address: Camino de los Descubrimientos, 2, 41092 Sevilla, Spain
How to get to the Pabellón de la navegación:
Bus: C2 (Cartuja) Travel to Américo Vespucio (F. de Comunicación) 3 stops – C2 (Prado) Travel to Inca Garcilaso (Francisco Montesin.) 5 stops


Gala Dinner
Discover the Andalusian countryside at Hacienda La Soledad
29th September 2022

Ctra. A-8026, km 5.800, Alcalá de Guadaira 41500 – Sevilla

Join us for a Gala Dinner at the Hacienda La Soledad, a 16th century country house just outside the city. Built in the Sevillian baroque style, the estate is surrounded by olive groves and orange trees, and filled with frescoes, tapestries and historic architectural features from its past as supplier of olive oil, wool and soap to the Archbishop of Seville. You can even visit the beautifully preserved 17th century oil mill! 

Delegates can enjoy the cool of the evening among its hidden patios and fountains, courtesy of our colleagues at Cartuja Science and Technology Park. During the dinner we’ll also have a brief ceremony to welcome new IASP members, and announce the three winners of the IASP Inspiring Solutions awards 2022, so it promises to be a very special evening indeed. 

Venue: Hacienda La Soledad
Date/time: Wednesday 28th September from 20:30
Address: Ctra. A-8026, km 5.800, Alcalá de Guadaira 41500 – Sevilla
How to get to the Hacienda La Soledad:
Bus: C1 (Prado) Travel to Kansas City (Céfiro) 10 stops – Walk 5m to Luis Montoto – 29 (Torreblanca) Travel to Pero Mingo (Isla Mayor) 14 stops – Walk 1m to C/ Pero Mingo (Ambulatorio) – M-120 (Sta. Genoveva) 6 stops – Walk 14m to Hacienda de la Soledad

Gala dinner