Submission guidelines


How to Submit your paper and video

Submission to speak at IASP 2022 is open to everyone. Authors do not need to be members of IASP, and participation from a variety of organisations and sectors is welcomed. Submissions consist of a short paper and a video summary.

Submission Rules:

Please read carefully the rules below before submitting your paper.

  • Papers can only be submitted online through the official conference website

  • Authors are required to submit the following per paper:

      Each paper should begin with an Executive Summary of no more than 150 words.

    • 02 PAPER:

      The total length of each paper should have a minimum of 1,500 and a maximum of 3,000 words (plus tables, graphs or illustrations). Figure and tables should be attached in the designated box. Only jpg format images are permitted. All notes and references should be as footers at the bottom of the text body field.

    • 03 1M VIDEO

      All papers should be accompanied by a 1-minute video presenting the executive summary. If you have multiple authors, the video should be recorded by the person who would speak at the conference. This video will form part of the evaluation process and may also be used in conference promotional material.

  • Word or PDF papers are not accepted. You are required to fill in the online submission form with title, main author, co-author(s), presenter and respective affiliation(s).

  • Use single line spacing in the text, tables and figures.

  • TITLE: Capitalise the entire title. Spell out words. Do not use abbreviations.

  • Maximum number of characters permitted for the title: 200.

  • Authors must select 1 of the 12 available sessions for which they wish to submit their papers.

  • The author is responsible for the submission of the paper according to the instructions and in the deadline. Please double check your grammar and word count before submission.


Acknowledgement of receipt of your submission will be sent to your e-mail address immediately upon submission. If you do not receive the e-mail, your submission was not completed, and your paper needs to be re-submitted. Please note that acknowledgement of receipt of your paper submission does not mean that your paper is accepted by the Steering Committee of the IASP World Conference.


The official language of the Conference is English. All papers and videos must be written and presented in high-standard English.

Deadline and submission:

The submission must be made by 25th of April 2022 through the online submission system that will be available at from January onwards. Only papers and videos submitted via the online submission system will be considered.

Selection of papers:

Papers will be evaluated by the conference Steering Committee. The Committee will select the final papers that best contribute to the theme and desired discussion at the conference, based on the clarity and relevance of their argument. The Steering Committee reserves the right to adjust the tentative sessions and decide which session a paper is assigned to. Authors will be notified after 1st June 2022 of whether their paper has been selected for inclusion in the 39th IASP World Conference on Science Parks and Areas of Innovation.

The contributions will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • The relevance of the paper to the session for which it is intended

  • The clarity and effectiveness of argument

  • The scope of the analysis and the level of generalisation

  • The originality of the topic and/or approach

  • The proficiency of the English language

Given the limited number of speaking opportunities at the conference, some of the papers that are approved by the review panel may not be allotted time for an oral presentation at the conference, but may be included in the conference proceedings – a digital publication widely read by conference delegates and our innovation community as a whole.

If selected for presentation or publication, the main author will also benefit from a discounted registration fee to attend the conference.

Selected papers should NOT be read verbatim to the audience; instead, the most important aspects that the author wishes to highlight should be presented, leaving a substantial part of the allotted time for questions and comments from the audience and discussion of the proffered conclusions.

Depending on the session format for which the paper is approved, visual aids such as Power Point can be used. Further details and guidance related to the conference session and/or proceedings will follow after the paper review.


Submission of papers and videos: 25-04-2022
Notification to authors: 06-06-2022 onwards

Other information

Conference dates: 27-30 September 2022. Follow updates at

For any questions related your paper submission please contact the Organising Secretariat at